A monthly contest for crappy video game ReMiXeS featuring live instruments.
Track Rules:
1. This competition features video game ReMiXeS in MP3 format.
2. This competion is all about live instruments. The primary sound/instrument must be played live. You can of course sequence samples, synths, etc for backing. Singing does not count as an instrument.
3. This is a monthly, themed competition. Each month will have a theme (for example, "Games with Ninjas", "Any game released in 1991" or "Mega Man games"). Submissions must fit into the theme for that month (following the standard OLR submission guidelines) and must be submitted to me (Richter) via PM or email by 6AM GMT on the last day of the month.
4. Tracks must be at least 1:00 in length. The track must be made for this contest, meaning it must be new or previously unreleased. Tracks must not be posted here or anywhere else until the contest (mixing and voting) is over.
5. This is an anonymous competition, meaning nobody must know who did what track until the contest is finished. We want votes to be as unbiased as possible. Please try hide this information as much as you can (for example, not talking about your track, and not naming it something like "[your name] Goes Nuts On Piano!".
6. Contestants are allowed to collaborate with other ReMiXeRs and are allowed to submit multiple entries per month.
Voting Rules:
1. Votes are currently submitted to Richter (at least until the automated system is complete). Voting begins the day before the last day of the month at 6AM GMT. Votes will be tallied on the last day of the month at 10PM GMT. Only users with at least 25 forum posts are allowed to vote.
2. ReMiXeRs are allowed to vote however they want on their own track(s).
3. Votes are tallied following the Super Mario Kart method, meaning:
1st place = 9 pts
2nd place = 6 pts
3rd place = 3 pts
4th place = 1 pt